e Carla Cargo 200kg Trailer Electric 48v AES (2023)

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eCarla Cargo 195kg Pay Load Cargo Trailer Electric. 48v AES Battery LiFePO4 720Wh. e assist up to 25km/h attached to nearly any bike. Electric hand cart. Read more


Carla Cargo
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The E Carla comes with the following included

 1x trailer hitch, 1x tension strap 1x flag, x1 720Wh battery 

Electric Carla Cargo Loading capacity

  • MGVW 250kh
  • Cargo trailer weight 55kg
  • 195kg payload
  • loading area length 1650 mm x width 650 mm
  • loading volume of 1.5 m³
  • total length 3050 mm
  • total width 960 mm
  • optimised for euro crates 600 x 400 mm
  • standard color: yellow or black

Electric Carla Cargo Features

  • hydraulic overrun brake Magura
  • CNC Towbar
  • Son / Hydraulic brake
  • Curana mudguard
  • CNC base plate

E Carla Cargo Electronic & Battery

  • speed as cargo trailer up to 25 km/h
  • starting boost up to 6 km/h
  • motor: Bafang hub motor
  • Battery AES:
    • celltyp LiFePO4
    • capacity 720Wh
    • disctance 40 - 50 km
    • charging time 6h

Key benefits for YOU

CARLA, the large cargo trailer can haul heavy loads of up to 200 kg behind your bike. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to fulfill your work with a relaxed smile on your face. As it's rider, you can easily beat the traffic every day. With CARLA you are very flexible and the daily handling is thanks to the electric motor effortless and very comfortable. To make a difference can be so easy. What are you waiting for?
  • You operate more cost-effective every day
  • You are faster and more efficient than with a van
  • You can beat the urban traffic and arrive with a smile
  • You can ride effort less and handle the load easy
  • Your clean and green last mile delivery solution
  • You need no driver’s license 

The electric Carla Cargo is also available with a larger 48 AES battery or Green Pack version celltyp Li-Ion capacity 1400Wh. If you would prefer to rent your battery we can take the battery off the purchase cost and move you on to a battery rental plan with our battery rental partner Swobbee.

The e carla can be attached to most standard and electric bikes.  However under UK law at the moment we can not use the e bike and e trailer together.  This is seen as a combining two motors to create a 500 w powered vehicle.  Often it is best to choose either e-bike and manual trailer or standard bike and electric trailer. 

Some customer choose to use the e bike and e trailer but not attach or connect the sensor to the e-bike.  This way the e trailer is just being pulled by the e bike only. Once detached from the e bike the trailer can be used as a powered hand cart or used with another bike.

If you are operating on private land then then you can use e bike and e trailer together if you wish.  We generally 3D print a sensor to fit the bike as often the standard sensor does not fit.

For the electric Carla Cargo to work a sensor is fitte do the bike, and wires run up to the seat post of the bike.  When the trailer is attached to the hitch on the bike the wires from the trailer can attach to the wires on the bike.  When you pedal on the bike this sends a signal to the motor on the trailer to give assistance.  Assistance will be give up to 15.5 mph or 25 km/h.

Manchester bikes are the UK Distributors for Carla Cargo.   Trailers can be brought directly from us or from your local Carla Cargo Dealer. We recommend working with the closest dealer to you for the best service.

If you would like to become a Carla Cargo dealer please get in touch.  We are looking for cycle shops that are passionate about cargo bikes and have a physical shop and service capability. 

eCarla battery rental

eCarla Cargo can be brought without batteries, this reduces the upfront cost.  Batteries can be rented from 12-48 months. Please get in-touch for the latest pricing.  Currently we can rent AES 720Wh batteries and Green Pack 1400Wh batteries.

Carla Cargo Leasing

If you would like to spread the cost of your Carla Cargo we offer business and consumer finance as well as long term rental and leasing options.  Please get in touch to discuss your needs. 

Carla Cargo UK Shipping

We currently ship trailers via pallet, it usually takes 48 hours once picked up from our warehouse. We can fit up to 5 trailers on one pallet.  Each pallet costs around £220 to ship including VAT.  We exclude this price from the trailer as some customers wish to pick up.  We quote per shipment based on location and don't mark up shipping costs.  

Carla Cargo Accessories and Adaptations

We have a slightly different range of accessories in the UK compared to Europe, however we can import the full Carla Cargo accessory range on demand. We also take commissions for custom adaptations

Carla Cargo Alloy and Canvas Box

UK Carla Cargo Alloy Messenger Box

Billy Bike Carrier (Complete Set) 

Mudguard set Mad Max Carla Cargo

Want to know more about Carla Cargo - Book an online appointment to talk about your needs. 

or WhatsApp us now (This number is monitored Mon-Friday 0930-1500)

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