Tern HSD Cargo Hold 37 Panniers

Tern HSD Cargo hold Panniers, Massive panniers that fit on a the HSD or the GSD. The magnatic clip is so satifiying. to use. Sold as a pair. 37L each cobmined 74L

£170.00 £220.00
Tern GSD Chain Guide Pulley Wheel

Tern GSD Chain Guide Pulley Wheel

Tannus Armour Insert

Tannus Armour inserets add an extra layer of foam over your innertube.

We love these and use them in most of of hire and demo bikes to stop a flat spoiling your fun.

Tern GSD/HSD Shortbed Tray Rear

Pop on your eurocrate and cycle of to find or deliver things that fit in eurocrates.

Tern Clubhouse MadPad

The Clubhouse MadPad turns any version of the Clubhouse into a comfy rear bucket seat for one big kid. The included seat cushion and reclining backrest attach and detach from the bike in seconds, making it easy to switch in a child seat or cargo container

Tern Storm Box Mini

The Storm Box Mini transforms the rear of your bike into a roomy, weather-protected bucket for one passenger. It includes two weather-resistant lids—the lockable Cargo Lid Mini to protect your stuff from rain and prying eyes, and the Kid Lid Mini to keep

Tern Captains Chair GSD HSD

The Captain's Chair lets big kids and adults ride on the back of a GSD or HSD in comfort and style. Pair with the Sidekick Joyride Bars to create a complete passenger's cabin for your favorite backseat driver. Use the same setup to carry crates and boxes—

Not available
Tern Hauler Front Rack Black

The tern Hauler is a great front rack that can take up to 20kg. Fits the Tern GSD and Tern HSD and does not increase the overall length of the bike.

Not available
Tern GSD Sidekick Flat Bars

Tern Sidekick Bars provide a strong and secure handhold for GSD passengers. Mount to your seatpost, set the ride position and hit the road. Perfect for a bicycle built for two.

Tern Kanga Front Rack Black

The Tern Kanga rack is designed for your stuff—backpack, laptop bag, or bag of groceries. An ingenious KlickFix™ strap system adjusts to bags or packages of all shapes and sizes and cinches them tight. Unlike handlebar- or fork-mounted systems, the Kanga

Not available
Tern Soft Crate Mini

The Soft Crate Mini is a detachable dog and cargo carrier for the Clubhouse Mini.

Clubhouse Mini

The Clubhouse Mini—little sibling to the Clubhouse+—makes your bike as versatile and functional as a hatchback car. Use it to carry one kid, in or out of a child seat. When no passenger is on board, the Clubhouse Mini offers 400 x 400 mm of interior space

Not available
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