Altrincham Cargo Bikeshare

The Stamford Quarter and Altrincham BID have launched Altrincham Cargo Bikeshare, designed to encourage local businesses to make deliveries in the local area with the newly installed cargo bike.

Cargo Bikeshare was created with funds from Transport for Greater Manchester’s Community Access Grant and is operated by Manchester Bikes, we are the north-west’s leading cargo bike specialists.

The bike is located in a new cargo bike hangar in the Stamford Quarter car park. It is available for hire on a daily basis, a very low-cost way for local businesses and organisations to try a cargo bike out and see if it works for them. The bike can carry up to 180kgs, including the rider. When the rider pedals, the bike’s electric motor provides extra power.

Altrincham Cargo Bikeshare supports Altrincham BID’s CargoCycle project, an initiative designed to accelerate the uptake of cargo bikes in Altrincham.

Introductory Offer: First seven days’ hire will be free-of-charge to Altrincham BID businesses and organisations

Booking the bike

Complete the form below and Manchester Bikes will call you back during office hours to confirm when you will collect and return the bike and to provide support, especially if it is your first hire.

Before you collect the bike

  • Prepare your smartphone
    • Download the bike hangar smart lock app: AirKey 
    • Make sure your phone battery is charged
  • No such thing as poor weather, just the wrong clothes
    • Do you need sun specs today?
    • Footwear: comfortable and safe (flip-flops not a good idea)
    • Outerwear: will it rain? will it shine?
  • Water bottle if you are going to be out and about a while
  • Details of your itinerary


Collecting the bike

    • Altrincham Cargo Bikeshare bike is stored in a bike hangar at:
      • Stamford Quarter car park, High Street, Altrincham WA14 1QP
      • It is bright green, at the entrance to the car park, to the left of the car ramps
      • Arriving by car or van? The car park is open 24 hours
      • Arriving by bike? Lock your bike to a floor anchor in the bike hangar.
    • Get the bike out of the hangar
      • Unlock the hangar using the AirKey smartphone App:
        • Open the App on your phone and tap the cylinder in order to wake it up
        • On the App, ensure you are on the 'Bluetooth components page' then tap "Cargo Bike Share"
        • Push down on the door handle and turn the cylinder clockwise
        • Lift the hangar door
      • Unplug the charger from the bike battery
      • Open the Keysafe and remove the keys for the bike locks; unlock the bike and put the keys and locks in a bike pannier or your rucsac
      • Operate the left-hand thumb lever (on the handlebar) and push the bike forward to release the bike stand
      • Wheel the bike out of the hangar
      • Give the bike its daily ‘M’ check



    • Switch on the bike power and check the battery is adequately charged
    • Lock the hangar door using the App and turning the cyclinder anti-clockwise
    • Check the hangar is locked by pulling the door handle upwards.


Cargo bike on hire

Instruction for riders and for use will be here soon

  • How to Lock the bike
  • Overnight storage of the bike (Put it back in the bike hangar/store it indoors locked to an unmoveable object)
  • Securing your load
  • Parking the bike safely and politely
  • Emergency or Breakdown


Ending your booking

  • Return the bike to the hangar
    • Lock it to the floor anchor
    • Return the keys for the bike locks to the Keysafe
  • Remember to help the next user!
    • Plug the battery charger into the bike
    • Put the charger’s 3-pin plug into the timer
    • Plug the timer into the power socket
    • Set the timer (this will only work if the power supply is switched on)
      • Press button on top of timer 8 times or until it shows "5H"
  • Lock the hangar door
  • Check the hangar is locked by pulling the door handle upwards
  • Report any issues whatsoever to Manchester Bikes - [email protected] - Including any relevant photos


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